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Here at CONFURN we have been partners to the furniture industry since nearly 30 years. We supply not just furniture fittings, but also innovative ideas and special solutions. The synergetic advantages, which result from the close cooperation with our partners, get back to you as our customers in quality and know-how.

Due to our long-standing experience within the furniture industry, we are able to supply almost any accessory components used for the production of furniture. From customised unique pieces to serial production we take care of all your needs - always focused on design and quality. Our modern logistics and storage systems guarantee fast and on-time delivery.


About us

Within the many successful brands of CONFURN Desklife has been established to serve the idea of improving the life of people who have to work in offices at a desk for many hours per day.
Useful functionality designed into products that office people use every day with respect to important health aspects and appealing product looks, is the main driving force that is so successfully appreciated by all our Desklife clients.

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CONFURN products are well received - in every respect.

About Us